Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit.”  ~ Pope Francis

A wonderful article on vocations "The Priesthood and the Choice"

Do we truly know and understand what a vocation to religious life is?  What does it mean to you?  What does it mean to your son and daughter, niece and nephew, granddaughter and grandson?  Have you asked?

Very often a question as simple as; “Have you thought about a religious life?” may elicit a surprising answer like; “Yes, I have.  But I don’t know who to talk to.”  It is more common than you may think.

A call to religious vocation is not only a call to men and women to enter a religious life.  A call to a religious vocation is also a call to us to help other men and women answer the Lord’s call.

If we, the Catholic Community of St. Paul Ellicott City, want the best of the best to join a religious life then we need to join the call.  For more information and prayful guidance please follow the link below.

Practical Ideas for Parents from Baltimore Priest

Everyone’s first vocation is to holiness, so parents should strive to create a home environment where Christian virtue can flourish. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Invite a priest, sister, or brother to dinner at your home.
  • Show your children a good example of holy marriage.
  • Attend an ordination (normally held in early summer)
  • Pray the diocesan prayer for vocations at supper.
  • Always speak with respect for clergy and the Church.
  • Read and discuss the Bible stories of Mary’s response to God (Luke 1:26-39), and about Jesus’ calling the Apostles (Mt 4:18-22).
  • Speak openly of vocations to marriage, priesthood, and religious life.

Sometimes, as every parent knows, children ask very insightful questions that aren’t easily answered!  When this happens, look for the answer online together. That shows that you take their inquiry seriously, and that it is worthwhile to get a good answer.


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