Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Religious Education offers 50 volunteer opportunities. Catechists, hall monitors, parking lot safety monitors, and administrative help are needed.

Catechists are adults who share our Catholic faith in classroom settings with elementary and middle school students. Class course books are provided and training for volunteers is available. Religious education classes are held weekly from September through April or early May.

Catechists meet three or four times a year as a group in the evening, in addition to their weekly classes. Thirty catechists are needed each year to teach our youth. There are 10 teaching assistant volunteer opportunities each year. Youth who are 13 years and older may serve as teaching assistants.

Preparing for class and teaching requires a commitment of time, so teaching catechism is not recommended for those with limited schedules. However, hall and parking safety monitors require little preparation and are ideal volunteer opportunities for parents with children in class. Eight building monitors and one parking lot safety monitor keep the children safe in and around the building.

Keeping track of all the people and programs going on during the religious education year is not a small task. One administrative volunteer assists the Director of Religious Education with general administrative tasks.

A successful religious education program at St. Paulʼs requires extensive participation. Volunteers are always needed, and must register on Shield the Vulnerable through the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Catechists and aides must be practicing Catholics; other volunteers do not.

Primary Contact: Mary Johnston
Phone: 410-465-1670
Volunteers Needed: Yes
Meets on: Monday evenings