Directory of Ministries and Organizations

RCIA is the process where adults can learn more about the beliefs of the Catholic Church with the possibility of eventually joining the Catholic Church. Our RCIA group meets weekly from September through May with the possibility for Scripture Study during the summer months. At St. Paulʼs the RCIA process is directed by a coordinator and a team of parishioners who are practicing Catholics and true evangelizers of our faith. From presenting the topic for the evening, to engaging in discussions, to sharing faith stories, team members and RCIA candidates learn together.

Team members attend the weekly sessions as well as the various Rites and present most of the topics. There are two or three other parishioners who are not team members but present a few topics during the year. In addition to the team members, parishioners to act as sponsors for the candidates are often needed. The sponsor is expected to attend the weekly meetings with their candidate as well as being present for the Rites of Acceptance, Sending, and Election, along with the Easter Vigil when the candidate is received into the Catholic Church.

This is an adult ministry for parishioners who are practicing Catholics that does not preclude participation by those with physical limitations. RCIA is also an opportunity for parishioners to strengthen their own Catholic beliefs.

Primary Contact: Sr. Dorothy
Phone: 410-465-1670 ext. 40
Volunteers Needed
Meets on: Tuesday 7:30 p.m. in the CNE