Directory of Ministries and Organizations

St. Paulʼs established a chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in 1992. The purpose of the society is for the members, called Vincentians, to grow spiritually through person-to-person service to the poor and needy. Through the society thousands of individuals have been helped in a variety of ways. Activities include stocking local food pantries, serving at soup kitchens, helping students with school supplies, preparing casseroles and collecting Christmas gifts through the Giving Tree.


Meetings are held approximately once per month and involve an activity that helps the less fortunate, except the annual planning meeting. Volunteers with limited time may choose the events in which they can participate. Those with physical limitations may find that certain activities preclude participation. Since St. Vincent de Paul serves the poor and needy, this is a wonderful opportunity for families to volunteer together.

Primary Contact: Nancy Hogan-Baur
Phone: 410-680-8601
Volunteers Needed: Yes
Meets on: as needed