Pastoral Council

Parish Corporators

Robin Campbell --
Michael Sollitto --

Current Council Members (2018-2019)

Larry Hill: President 410-750-0008
Chris Childres 410-465-6059
Larry Dussler 410-744-1357
John Gilbert 443-583-9650
Maria Grove 410-465-1670 (Office Liaison)
Tim Hearn 410-365-9487
Paul Heinemann 410-461-4346
Audra Hennigan 410-203-1294
Jessica Landi 434-825-1036
Bill Lehrman 410-480-2377
Arthur McCarthy 908-489-3248
Daniel Phelan 301-956-4862
Sean Quinn
Kevin Rodkey 443-812-2152 kevin.rodkey@gmail.c
Laurie Thompson 410-465-1149
Laura Williams 410-997-4302
Chester Kukwa 410-719-7949 (Facilities Committee Chair)
Pat Keller 410-744-6269 (Finance Committee Chair)
Joshua Dishon 443-940-2026 (School Liaison)


The Pastoral Council is an advisory body; a ministry of shared responsibility with the pastor to provide direction and advice through a centralized leadership forum.  The purpose of the council is to further the development of a Christian community by advising and assisting the pastor in matters relating to the overall function of the parish to fulfill its mission.

The council members serve as a channel of communication through which questions, insights, views, and plans of and for the parish may be exchanged between parishioners, the pastoral council, and our pastor.  The council’s efforts are focused on enabling our parishioners to grow in faith and to maximize involvement in vibrant committees directly supporting St. Paul's mission, vision, and values.

The Pastoral Council meets monthly in the evening from September through June.  Participation requires one serve on various subcommittees between meetings.  The commitment required in this ministry is not ideal for those with limited time.  This is an adult ministry.  Physical limitations do not preclude participation.  Pastoral Council members must apply for open seats on the council and be elected by the parishioners at an annual election.  Seats are held for a maximum of four years.