Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

The St. Paul Parish Contemporary Choir has come together again virtually to record the song "It Is Well With My Soul". We hope you enjoy our rendition of this beautiful and inspiring hymn. It brings so much joy to our choir members to share our prayers through the gift of music. Mank thanks to Erika Rodkey who coordinates our recordings and assembles the final product. To view our latest video please click on this link: St. Paul Contemporary Choir: "It Is Well With My Soul"

God Bless,

Sue Fanske 


In addition to St. Paul's Conntemporary Choir, memebers of Church of the Resurrection's Contemporary Choir also gathered to provide an uplifting redention of a song. We hope you enjoy this piece from Stephen Lay and other members of Resurrection's choir. To view please click on this link: Church of the Resurrection's Contemporary Choir

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