Facilities Request: Updated August 27th

Ministries Returning to In-Person Meetings & Activities:  Guidelines

  • Parish sponsored ministries are NOT allowed to meet in parishioner homes
  • Ministries are encouraged to meet virtually
  • Please note that the availability of Msgr. John, Fr. Tyler, or any of the deacons does not imply that the requested space on campus is available.
  • Approval for use of a space on campus (inside or outside) must be obtained by contacting Maria Grove or call the office 410-465-1670. The requested space is only reserved if you receive a confirmation email from Maria.
  • Requirements in order to meet on the St. Paul campus (inside or outside):
  1. Attendees are not allowed to participate if they have any COVID symptoms, have been around anyone suspected or tested positive for COVID, or have traveled to an area identified as a “Hot Spot” for COVID 19 in the past 14 days
  2. Attendees must sign an Archdicese of Baltimore COVID 19 wavier. Waiver form can be found at
  3. Attendees must wear a facemask
  4. Six-foot social distance must be adhered to
  5. Capacity limits for each room or outside location must be observed
  6. Activities that require physical exertion are discouraged
  7. No assembly singing is allowed
  8. No food or drinks are allowed
  9. Participating group is required to keep an attendance list including contact information for each meeting.
  10. Access to restroom facilities will be very limited and highly discouraged. Ministry must sanitize the bathroom after each use.

Outdoor Meetings only:  September-October

  • The lower parking lot & upper back parking lot (Orange cones must be used ) are available for meetings. Parking is on the upper lot only, will need to walk to the lower lot.
  • Outdoor meetings/events are limited to 20 people.
  • Restroom facilities will be limited to the handicapped bathroom across from the Church

Indoor Meetings: November – December

  • Limited to the upper floor of Dohony Hall, maximum of 30 people

Indoor cleaning requirements:

  • The ministry lead is respnsible for the proper cleaning and sanitizing of all tables, chairs, and high touch surfaces at the end of each meeting/event. A checklist and supplies will be in each room. The checklist must be filled out and signed by the responsible party before leaving the premises.

Facility requests will be processed within two business days. You will receive a confirmation email once your event has been booked. Under "Documents" on the right hand side of this page, you will find a Facility Request Form. If you would prefer, you may print this form, fill it out, and send it in to the parish office.

Presently we are unable to conduct Facilities Rentals for Dohony Hall. Questions? Call our parish office: 410-465-1670.