Volunteer Opportunities

As part of stewardship, our mission to empower our parishioners to grow in faith and contribute their gifts of service to God and neighbor is carried out in our many ministries and committees. Maintaining our spiritual home depends on every one of us for it to thrive.

St. Paul’s welcomes parishioners over 13 years of age to give of their time in at least one ministry.  Many of our ministries and committees require limited time, so even our busiest of parishioners can participate in nurturing and growing our body of Christ.  Please visit our Ministry Directory to see where your time and talent could be best shared.  

If you are starting a new ministry, and it has been approved by our pastor, please complete the Ministry Form so that it can be added to the Directory.

Contact the parish office, the pastoral council, or a ministry lead in order to explore volunteer opportunities that will be sure to help you grow in your faith and devotion to God, and strengthen our parish community. 

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Our parishioners and staff are the foundation of St. Paul's.  They give generously of their time, talent, and treasure to create a parish that is spiritual, lovingly serves the community, educates in the faith, and provides welcoming fellowship.

Our ministries and committees are the heart of St. Paul’s.  We hope that you will be inspired to join those ministries that speak to you because we are, indeed, the body of Christ and each one of us is a part of it.

Our ministries and committees are organized in pillars that define our church and support our pastor and parishioners.  Our Ministry Directory is filled with wonderful opportunities to contribute to our parish family, organized by pillar.

Liturgy Pillar - Committees that support the liturgical aspects of our community and the celebration of Mass.

Service Pillar - Committees and ministries that provide a service to our parishioners or to the community at large.

Education and Formation Pillar - Committees and ministries to facilitate spiritual growth.

Parish Life Pillar - Committees that are specific to the quality of parishioner life, including care of the facilities and grounds.